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Norsk Kjernekraft AS is pleased to announce an MOU with Rolls-Royce SMR Limited. The parties want to work together to increase acceptance of nuclear power in Norway, and to potentially establish future projects that could lead to the deployment of Rolls-Royce’s small, modular nuclear power plants in Norway.

Managing Director of Norsk Kjernekraft AS, Jonny Hesthammer, states that “This is an important step towards the goal of establishing nuclear power as a central part of the energy mix in Norway. New reports from the EU and the UN show that modern nuclear power plants are a good choice in terms of climate, nature, the environment and human health. They are very safe, and today there are also good solutions for handling radioactive waste. Rolls-Royce has long experience with nuclear power, and will now build small, modular reactors at dedicated factories in the UK. These reactors will be able to deliver large amounts of energy in a very small area at an affordable price – and without government subsidies. In Norway, such small nuclear power plants will be able to work very well together with renewables and contribute to stabilizing the energy supply as the proportion of weather-dependent power increases in the energy mix.”

Tuomo Huttunen, head of business development in the Nordics for Rolls-Royce SMR, adds “Rolls-Royce SMR is pleased to be working with Norsk Kjernekraft, and happy to see new discussions in Norway on the role that nuclear power could have. Furthermore, the Rolls-Royce SMR is capable not only of providing very low-carbon, reliable power at a reasonable cost, but also to provide power and heat for various industrial processes; that really opens up a lot of possibilities for decarbonization, especially in the form of green hydrogen and synthetic fuels